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International Partnership for Sustainable Advances in Health and Development
IPSAHD’s Beginnings When Drs. Phillip & Krista Erbele first experienced the Kingdom of Bhutan, they were fascinated by the country’s beauty, topography and culture. As both are physicians with Master’s degrees in Public Health, they were naturally interested in the health care system. How can a country with such rugged topography provide free healthcare to its citizens? Dr. Phillips, as he is called in Bhutan, first volunteered for a month, and then returned to work for two years at The Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Referral Hospital as a pediatrician. During those years, he developed a great appreciation for his colleagues and the challenges they face in their commitment to improve their people’s health. IPSAHD was formed out of a desire to partner in sustainable ways with the Kingdom of Bhutan and other countries on their journey to advance health and development. Such endeavors work best through respectful collaboration. Because trusting relationships take time, IPSAHD will pursue its mission through professionals making a long-term commitment to a region. This will promote a better understanding of cultural, traditional, and religious practices, all of which impact health and development. IPSAHD aims to improve health through strengthening public health programs, medical education, and community development. In all our endeavors, partnership and education are vital.

Board of Directors

Gregg Lehman



Jerome Troke Jr.



Philip Fischer, MD

Vice President


Nicholas Rider, DO